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Press Releases

MAX™ IT Service Management Software 2.5 announced at Macworld 2008

San Francisco—January 15, 2008—Volchok Consulting is proud to announce the release of MAX™ 2.5. MAX IT Service Management Software is the world’s easiest to use, full featured, web-based software for managing your IT workflow. MAX has been updated to include many new features including:

MAX has been universally acclaimed by our clients as the easiest to use, most intuitive software they have ever used. “We started work on MAX five years ago when we need a tool to help run our help desk. We found most other software out there was either expensive, hard to setup or didn’t run on Macs. So we wrote MAX.”

MAX was designed to make tracking your IT work easy. “Techs hate to use IT software, so we tried to make MAX as easy to use as possible, thereby lowering the barrier to adoption. Our claim to fame is that MAX is the IT software that techs don’t hate.”

Press Contacts:

Eric LeCain
Volchok Consulting
(212) 777-7433

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