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Volchok Consulting announces partnership with JAMF Software

New York, NY—February 1, 2006—Volchok Consulting and JAMF Software today announced their partnership to co-develop integrated software applications. The two companies will begin by working to integrate JAMF Software’s Casper Client Management Suite into Volchok Consulting’s MAX™ IT Service Management Software.

“Our MAX IT Service Management software is a best-in-class solution for managing your IT department,” said Michael Volchok, Volchok Consulting’s president and CEO. “We are excited to partner with JAMF who is the leader in asset management in the Mac Enterprise sector.”

JAMF, founded in 2002, is the creator of the Casper Client Management Suite that simplifies the lives of Mac system administrators throughout the United States and Europe.

Volchok Consulting was founded by Michael Volchok in 1993 as a Mac Value-Added Reseller. Volchok Consulting provides business services to the Macintosh Enterprise market including: MAX™ IT Service Management Software, the Mac Help Desk and Volchok Enterprise Services.

Press Contacts:

Eric LeCain
Volchok Consulting
(212) 777-7433

JAMF Software

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