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Press Releases

Volchok Consulting to present “Mac IT Best Practices” at Macworld San Francisco 2006

New York, NY—December 5, 2005—Volchok Consulting today announced that Volchok Consulting founder Michael Volchok will present a conference at Macworld San Francisco entitled “Mac IT Best Practices.”

“‘Mac IT Best Practices’ brings together all of the lessons that I have learned in my 12 years supporting large Mac installations” said Michael Volchok, Volchok Consulting’s president and CEO. “This seminar will give you the tools and the procedures to more effectively manage your Mac users.”

The five-day event, which runs from January 9 to January 13, will focus on IT applications for Apple products, music and creative applications, in depth training on Mac OS and Mac applications, hands on MacLabs, and full day market symposiums.

Macworld Conference & Expo is the world’s most comprehensive event for the Mac operating system. Only Macworld brings together the loyal yet diverse base of Mac users in creative services, education, entertainment, application development, enterprise and small office/home office environments. Combining in-depth educational sessions with displays of innovative products and solutions on the exhibit floor, Macworld Conference & Expo offers professionals and consumers alike the opportunity to discover the latest developments and hottest products in the Mac industry.

Volchok Consulting was founded by Michael Volchok in 1993 as a Mac Value-Added Reseller. Volchok Consulting provides business services to the Mac Enterprise market including: MAX™ IT Service Management Software, the Mac Help Desk and Volchok Enterprise Services.

Press Contacts:

Eric LeCain
Volchok Consulting
(212) 777-7433

Charlotte McCormack
PR Manager
(508) 424-4837

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